I plan on cleaning my trophy in the field, do you have any advice?

When cleaning large animals like deer, be careful not to cut into the brisket or neck area. If you get blood on the hide during cleaning, be sure to immediately rinse it off. To keep the hide and delicate facial features in good shape, don’t simply drag your trophy to your vehicle. Instead, use a sled or ATV, or place the animal on a tarp to prevent damage.

For smaller animals such rabbits or foxes, we recommend leaving the animal whole. Skinning and gutting small game destined for the taxidermy studio takes precision–leave that work to us. If you are unable to ship us your trophy immediately, freeze the carcass in a plastic bag once it has cooled. It’s a good idea to wrap the head in paper towels first to preserve fragile facial details.

Is shot placement really that critical?

Yes, shot placement is one of the major factors that will determine the final quality of your mount. A poorly placed bullet will severely limit the options for mounting, and in some cases, make the carcass unusable. Taking the time to get your shot just right is of prime importance if you want to preserve your trophy.

How do I prepare my trophies to be shipped to Vanderpol Taxidermy?

The way that your trophy is cleaned and prepared for shipping will have a large effect on the quality of the finished mount we deliver to you. Just as important are the materials used to wrap and protect the trophy during shipping: Always use plastic to wrap your trophy, never use newspaper. Be sure to understand all state and federal regulations pertaining to shipping animals across state lines or international borders.

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