Vanderpol Taxidermy

Vanderpol Taxidermy started off in a very simple fashion: One man, Ron Vanderpol, working in his garage to preserve the year’s trophies. From those humble beginnings in 1996, Vanderpol Taxidermy has expanded into a full-service taxidermy studio serving local, national and international clients. Family owned and operated, our preservation services aim to capture the dignity and grace of the animal in its natural environment.

World Class Taxidermy Services

The climactic moment of taking down a trophy that you have stalked for hours, perhaps days, is one that stays with a hunter for a lifetime. At Vanderpol Taxidermy, we know that feeling and strive to capture and preserve that moment in every mount we produce.

At Vanderpol taxidermy, we actively spend time as a family hunting and fishing whenever we can. We know the sense of excitement and fulfillment that follows a successful hunt. Our approach to taxidermy originates from and builds upon the respect we have for all wildlife. By applying our years of experience as a father and son team in the field to our work in the studio, we honor the beauty and strength of the animal. Our love of nature and the outdoor environment translates directly into our taxidermy projects.

As a family-owned and operated business, Vanderpol Taxidermy takes great pride in the work we do together. Our award-winning mounts and displays begin and end with our reverence for the animal. This respect is part of the family tradition we have kept through many generations. We treat each project with the utmost respect, from the moment it arrives at our studio until we ship the finished product out to you. The techniques we employ ensure your prized mount will act as a fitting tribute to the spirit of the animal and the skill of the hunter.

Vanderpol Taxidermy Q & A

To make sure the final product we deliver to you is the best it can be, please take the time to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Whether this is your first experience with a taxidermy service, or you are looking to add to your existing collection of trophies, the information we provide will help to ensure your experience with Vanderpol Taxidermy is one you will enjoy.

How do I get my trophies to Vanderpol Taxidermy?

Before packaging and shipping your trophy to Vanderpol Taxidermy, it is very important to make sure we have all your information. We must have all the details about you, your hunt and the animal so we can ensure we have the time and space to dedicate to your project.

To start, we will need your full legal name, address and contact details. We will also need all pertinent information about the hunt, including your hunting license number and all information contained on any tags or permits. Please be sure to include the date and location in which the hunt took place along with any measurements or photos obtained in the field.

Once you have contacted us, provided all of the necessary information and know how to properly package and ship your trophy, you may ship it to our Taxidermy Studio in Molino, Florida. We highly recommend insuring your shipment with the carrier.

Shipping Address:

Vanderpol Taxidermy

Attn: Ron Vanderpol
84 Cantering Hills Lane
Molino, FL 32577

How do I prepare my trophies to be shipped to Vanderpol Taxidermy?

The way that your trophy is cleaned and prepared for shipping will have a large effect on the quality of the finished mount we deliver to you. Just as important are the materials used to wrap and protect the trophy during shipping: Always use plastic to wrap your trophy, never use newspaper. Be sure to understand all state and federal regulations pertaining to shipping animals across state lines or international borders.