About Vanderpol Taxidermy

Vanderpol Taxidermy started off in a very simple fashion: One man, Ron Vanderpol, working in his garage to preserve trophy bucks and turkeys. From those humble beginnings in 1996, Vanderpol Taxidermy has expanded into a full-service taxidermy studio serving local, national and international clients. Family owned and operated, our preservation services aim to capture the power and grace of the animal in its natural environment.

About Us: The Early Days of Vanderpol Taxidermy

From the beginning, Vanderpol Taxidermy has been about building and preserving our connection to nature. In 1996, Ron Vanderpol began learning the basics of taxidermy to preserve the trophies from his own hunts. His goals were simple: to show off the animal’s inherent beauty while honoring the wild spirit and capturing the thrill of the hunt.

From his garage, Ron applied his life-long love of animals and the natural world to the art and science of preserving animals. Over time, he grew his skills and expanded his knowledge and people began to remark on his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Vanderpol Taxidermy Today

It wasn’t long before Ron’s reputation led to a busy schedule of preserving the season’s haul brought in by friends and neighbors from all over the region. It quickly became clear that working out of his garage was no longer feasible. In 2015, Ron’s son Grey joined his father to help with the increased demand. In the process, Grey discovered he shared his father’s passion for the art and science of taxidermy and fully dedicated his time and efforts into developing his skills.

Today, Ron and his son Grey work out of their studio located on their family homestead. This father and son team have built their business around the ideals of sharing meaningful moments with family, passing down traditions, and creating memories and reminders of the experiences they enjoyed together. They are proud to produce world-class mounts for hunters and anglers from all over the world.

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Whether it has fur or feathers, horns or hoofs, scales or scutes, Vanderpol Taxidermy knows how to preserve the animal with dignity and artistry. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you.