Elegant Trophy Mounts

At Vanderpol Taxidermy, we have a strong, personal connection to the natural environment and the animals that call it home.

We have spent countless hours in the outdoors, observing all types of animals and how they relate to their surroundings. Our deep connection to nature is reflected in the quality and attention to detail of our mounts and displays. By providing master taxidermy services to hunters throughout the nation and across the world, we are able to turn our artistic talents to honoring the animal and the hunter’s connection to his or her quarry.

Our commitment to providing top-quality mounts is what sets us apart from the many hobbyists and low-quality taxidermy outfits. We are proud of our workmanship, and continually research new methods and materials to provide our clients with a truly world-class product. We create professional mounts and displays that are built to last for generations. Browse through our gallery to see how we can preserve the memories of a lifetime for you.